URIEL has developed, built and operates projects in different technologies: wind, hydraulic, photovoltaic solar, biogas and solar thermal.


URIEL began operation with the development and construction of a 4.8 MW small hydro plant in the Arga River which started operations in April 1993. Subsequently another two plants were developed and built in the same river totaling an installed power of 14.1 MW.


From the experience gained with the operation of the first hydraulic power plant of the company, it was decided to opt for other renewable technologies, culminating this process with the commissioning of the first wind farm in September 2000. Since then they have developed and built more than 300 MW in wind projects in different regions of Spain. Also, since 2000 in partnership with the CLP Envirogas international group with extensive experience in the use of landfill biogas to electricity generation, the group has deployed more than 25 MW in landfills located in Spain and Portugal.

Additionally, the group has developed and built a 27 MWp photovoltaic plant in Puerto Rico. This has become a reference installation in the Caribbean because of its size and of its singularities, most notably the addition of an energy storage system needed to meet the strict minimum technical requirements for the connection to the grid.


In 2003, in order to apply the lessons learned into new markets, the group decided to start the internationalization of its activities, developing projects in different countries such as Poland, Puerto Rico, Portugal, South Africa, USA, Mexico, Peru and Chile.